Branded Content

Beyond The Backpack is an initiative by Nick Jr. to help parents prepare their kids for Kindergarten. Using playful illustrations, photography, shot footage and cameos by Nick Jr. characters, we created a stylized set of 10 animated videos covering subjects such as health and wellness, family engagement, and literary skills.

I helped developed the visual style of this project, as well as designed a color labeling system, title card system, background environments, and character treatments to be rolled out across all videos.

This was an awesome project with a positive message that was a pleasure to be involved with.

Client: Nick Jr.
Studio: And/Or

Creative Director / Design: Kelli Miller
Creative Director / Copy: Kendra Eash
Executive Producer: Nika Offenbac
Associate Producer: Meredith Alloway
Art Director: Adam Wentworth
Design + Illustration: Adam Wentworth, Whitney Thesis, Olga Povarchuk, Larisa Martin
Animation Director: Yussef Cole
Animation: Yussef Cole, Whitney Thesis, Olga Povarchuk, Larisa Martin
Director of Photography: Chris Wilmore
Production Partners: Slanted Studio
Audio: You Too Can Woo