Network Branding

As a completely new entity, Disney XD was the sum of a handful of disparate Disney channels combined and streamlined to launch a global network geared for kids aged 9-14. For their launch (spanning dozens of countries in 3 alphabets), I worked with Loyal Kaspar for the better part of a year to develop both the on-air and off-air design and brand guidelines. In addition to the myriad of bumpers and IDs that needed to be developed for the launch, my role focused on navigational systems, print campaigns, and writing the master style guide for the network.

Client: Disney
Studio: Loyal Kaspar

Executive Creative Director: Beat Baudenbacher
Creative Director: Elliott Chaffer
Art Director: Daniel Dörnemann
Design: Adam Wentworth, Bryan Louie, Josh Graham, Ann Kruetzkamp, Ariel Frost, Beat Baudenbacher, Ben Yonda, Chris Averbeck, Chris Thompson, Craig Shaloiko, Dan Chosich, Daniel Dörnemann
Animators: Adam Pearlman, Ann Kruetzkamp, Anthony Serraino, Ariel Frost, Ben Yonda, Bran Dougherty-Johnson, Chris Averbeck, Craig Shaloiko, Dan Chosich,
Dan DeGloria, Josh Graham, John Earle
Editorial: KO Creative
Music: Greg Smith