Network Branding

Originally a 24-hour music and entertainment network, Centric has evolved to become a modern lifestyle brand celebrating the multi-dimensional world of Black Women.

To embrace that world, a "more is more" approach was adopted to create a bold, expressive, and layered graphics package across all brand platforms.

A massive asset library was developed, and despite the seemingly endless visual possibilities, the formula behind the branding is quite simple:

photo + color + texture + pattern + type

Subscribing to this led to a dynamic on-air system with somehwere in the ballpark of 56+ unique promo packages to speak to everything from the category of programming to the time of day it airs.

One of the most wild projects I've ever been a part of, this rebrand took the 2015 PromaxBDA Gold for Art Direction & Design: General Channel Image Campaign

Client: Centric / BET Networks
Studio: Gretel

Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Head of Production: Dina Chang
Producer: Jennifer Brogle
Associate Producer: Haley Klatzkin
Creative Directors: Ryan Moore, Lauren Hartstone
Art Director: Adam Wentworth
Designers: Lauren Hartstone, Adam Wentworth, Danny Ruiz, Caleb Halter
Lead Animator: Andrew Brown
Animators:  Dave Nelson, Chu Fuchun, Peter Harp, Cyprian Sadlon, Brandon Kennedy, Gerald Soto, Will Huang, Jin Lee, Aldo Gonzales
Photographer: Tom Edwards
Editors: Eron Otcasek, Evan Kulwantanaga, Karl Amdal