Network Branding

For their on-air rebrand, Cartoon Network wanted to go back to their roots and embrace the spirit of their original checkerboard logo. We took that brief, and in addition to a creating a new logo, developed a 3-dimensional checkerboard world to house the brand. By limiting the color palette to CMYK as an ode to the granparents of cartoons - the comic strip -  we were free to run wild and plaster the surfaces of this new world with bold and graphic patterns.

Client: Cartoon Network
Studio: Brand New School

Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Producer: Greg Babiuk
Production Assistant :Madison Brigode
Art Directors: Eric Adolfsen, Mike Calvert
Associate Art Director: Forest Young
Lead Designers: Adam Wentworth, Damien Correll
Flicks Movie Package Design: Mario de Toledo-Sader, Jungeun Kim, Adam Wentworth
Lead Animators: Hyesung Park, Andy Mastrocinque, Arthur Hur
Digital Animators: David Rasura, Chase Massingil, Cyprian York Sadlon, Mark Thomspon
CG Director: Vadim Turchin
3D Animation: Walter Lubinski
3D Lighter/Compositor: Bill Dorais
3D Tracking: Han Ho
3D Modeling: Walter Lubinski, Adam Rosenzweig
Animation: Kat Morris, Freddy Arenas, Walter Lubinski Stieg Retlin, Andy Mastrocinque, Jessica Milazzo
Original Music/Compositions: Mad Decent and Michael Kohler