BBC Brit

Network Branding

Launched in 2015, BBC Brit is tailored to men with a tongue-in-cheek approach inspired by Top Gear. Fast cars, explosions, shouting, idiocy, making things, embracing the absurd… you get it.

To embrace this spirit, we developed a bold visual language using graphic patterns, a glyph system, and a set of “rules” for bumpers and brand voice.

As an end to end brand launch, we developed and designed each aspect from the name itself all the way to style guides for on-air, off-air, and directors treatments.

Working with a small team, a limited color palette, one typeface, and only using flat graphic shapes, this project was a dream come true.

Epileptics, beware.
(Just kidding, we passed the Harding Test the second time around.)

Client: BBC
Studio: Trollbäck + Company

Executive Creative Director: Jakob Trollbäck
Art Director: Joshua Lynne
Design: Adam Wentworth, Joshua Lynne
Animation: Ben Nichols, Adam Tanner
Editor: Caroline Kallback